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What's Kogei?
Metalworking technique of Japan
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I make the work by the technique named "TANKIN". It is a technique for processing the metal with beating. It is SHIBORI technique that I uses in the TANKIN techniques. The SHIBORI technique is a peculiar technique to Japan that makes the board of the metal which is two dimensions to three dimensions. The West sculpture makes shape from cutting down the mass. However, I do not do so. (KOGEI artists,too)

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graduation work

a part of graduation work
Polaroid photograph by SAIKI Taku

nature metal ??? graduation work
copper stand pen stand object
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What's "KOGEI" concept?

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What is the "KOGEI"?It is one of the art concepts of Japan. It was a thinking process of the art expression in old times of Japan. However, the 19th end of the century, the art concept of the West did not agree to the art concept of Japan at that time when the art concept was imported from the West. Japan had to submit oneself to the West in respect of the culture for the unequal agreement cancellation in those days. Therefore, it was necessary to accept the art concept of the West.

Difference between the KOGEI concept and the craft concept
-History of KOGEI concept approval-

Techniques of metalworking


The metallic craft technique of Japan can be considered roughly dividing into the following three kinds.

run metal
It builds a prototype with clay etc. , and it is taken in the type. The dissolving metal is poured in the type. It is used for the work of a buddhist image and a huge public art.
metal working
metal working)
Technique for molding metal of board material beating with a variety of kinds of hammers on the mass of iron to have various shape that is called "ATEGANE"
. The board material of two dimensions can be made three dimensions by using Ten ductility of the metal.

Technique chiefly used for jewelry and adornment. The tool that is called "TAGANE" is
mainly used.

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