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Difference between the KOGEI concept and the craft concept
-History of KOGEI concept approval-

The concept of KOGEI is translated with craft. However, it is not to tell the truth so. It is distinguished from craft and KOGEI in Japan.
The KOGEI is a peculiar word to Japan that cannot translate into English. Then, what on earth is the KOGEI concept? I explains from the viewpoint of the history of the approval here.

In Japan, it is the same relation as seeing the formation of the art concept to see the formation of the KOGEI concept. This is because the formation of the craft concept happens as a product of independence and making purely in the formation of the art concept.

The concept "Art" is a translation word made to transplant the concept of the West at the 19th end of the century. The opportunity was Vienna exposition in 1873.
At that time, there was no Japanese corresponding to the art of the West in Japan. There was no Japanese corresponding to the concept of art written in the exhibition table.
Therefore, Japanese corresponding to the art of the West concept was made.
The Japanese is the BIJUTSU (=art)
In Japan today, the range where the BIJUTSU is meant is the same as the art.However, the art of this time in Japan still meant a bigger range than the art of the west.
Later,it had been made pure gradually.
However, there is a concept above from the art in Japan.
It is called the GEIJUTSU in Japanese.
In a word, the part where the art was consulted from GEIJUTSU remains.
A part in that became the KOGEI.

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