The pile that cannot be resisted. And, it is vacant for that.
sheet copper
h2460 X 480 X 480(mm),h1950 X 400 X 400(mm)
copper art work

copper art work

This is a graduation work.
It is a work put in other to have continued for these several years.
I beat the sheet copper with the hammer and make the work.
Thousands of times and tens of thousands of times also.
The act is the one like the generation principle of nature.
In the natural world, the shape of the thing is formed by accumulating small power.

For instance, the tree begins to die from an internal cell.
A new cell layer is formed to the circumference and it grows up.
The form of bark is a generation result by an individual cell growth structure.
All phenomena in the natural world have happened from the accumulation of small power.

I felt this natural generation principle in the transition of the form by beationg with hammer, that is.
This is a result of applying the natural generation principle to an industrial product,sheet copper.